Children are our future.  I’d love to work with you and your school or community to launch a Camellia Kids Care program!

  • We can feature Camellia Kids Care children and the amazing things they do for their communities under the “Community” section; inspiring more children and parents to become active locally...and globally. Photos will be posted, tweeted, and appear on our facebook page, along with a monthly featured Ambassador of Change

  • Camellia Kids Care Pen Pal program, linking Camellia fans together worldwide.  I’d love to provide an “idea forum” to teach young children what they each can do in their own life to make a difference

  • Let’s create special in-school editions of  The Adventures of Camellia N. with environmental appreciation leading to  student projects and school wide Camellia Kids Care projects

  • Let’s work together to help kids become Ambassadors of Change for their schools and towns.  

  • The Adventures of Camellia N. app - coming soon!

  • Environmental Interstitials featuring Camellia on Youtube - stay tuned!