Global Pen Pal Program

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School programs, lesson plans, community programs and the Camellia Kids Care Global Pen-Pal program are where Camellia jumps off the page and into our hearts! Combining community, connection, our planet and books, Camellia Kids Care programs are the perfect platform to encourage environmentalism. 

Debbie visits and speaks at schools, book stores, events and conferences for all ages.  Her visits shed light on environmental issues, while inspiring children to write...and to dream!  

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The teachers participating in the “Global Pen-Pal” Program get paired with a partnering school across the globe. Most students write to each other comparing their environments, wildlife, ecology, lifestyles, a “day in the life”...sometimes through and even regular mail! They send class photos... and have become true friends and GLOBAL AMBASSADORS! Students tend to discuss their environment, but in the process, they are learning to appreciate our differences and understand how connected the world really is.

A very special THANK YOU to all the many teachers, librarians and children for bringing Camellia N. to life... and to our latest Pen-Pal partners for 2018: Bay Laurel Elementary School students in Calabasas, CA (who learned to weave using recycled plastic bags) and Chikumbuso students in Zambia, Africa!  

"I learned we are all the same, even if we live on the other side of the world"       
- 5th grade student & pen-pal partner, Bay Laurel Elementary School

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*To find out more about how Camellia N. can be part of YOUR classroom supporting science and literacy, please contact Debbie through the form below.  She is currently taking requests for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019, working together with innovative teachers and schools ALL across our planet! 

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