I am truly humbled by their Support...

 "I think all children start out as explorers and some of us never stop.  In this delightful and engaging book series, The Adventures of Camellia N., our heroine, Camellia N. explores the ocean to discover the mysteries of our blue life support system.  She explores what it means that we are all connected to the ocean - important knowledge and an inspiration to children everywhere!"
  -  National Geographic Society Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Sylvia Earle, called "Her Deepness" by the New Yorker and the New York Times, "Living Legend" by the Library of Congress, and first "Hero for the Planet" by Time Magazine, is an oceanographer, explorer, author and lecturer

"The Adventures of Camellia N. is a children’s book series that not only educates young children with positive messaging, but helps propel them to action through Camellia Kids Care projects. Children are our future…and Camellia is an inspiring role model for them to become environmental ambassadors. Now more than ever we need Camellia N.”    
 - Bill Richardson; Founder of The Richardson Center for Global Engagement; former two-term Governor of New Mexico, U.S. Congressman, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and former Energy Secretary of the United States

The Adventures of Camellia N. helps foster the idea that humans have to live in harmony with each other, other species and planet earth.  This beautiful book series, which covers every part of our planet, provides a powerful message for young children.  As Camellia gains an appreciation of the world surrounding her, so do the readers. Camellia and her adventures will help educate and inspire children throughout our planet, with hopes of creating change." 
 - Graciela Chichilnisky: Visiting Professor at Stanford University and the CEO of Global Thermostat.  The Washington Post calls her an "A-List Star."  Time Magazine calls her a "Hero of the Environment."  Graciela worked extensively on the Kyoto Protocol, creating and designing the carbon market that became international law in 2005  

"The next 50 years will be critical in our effort to define the importance of wild spaces. History shows that people protect what they know and understand. By introducing young children to ambassador animals that depend upon endangered ecosystems for survival, Debbie Wideroe takes an essential first step. "The Adventures of Camellia N" provides parents and educators a creative and entertaining launch pad, from which they can introduce young minds to the magical beauty of the wild kingdom."
- Georgienne Bradley:  Founder & Director, Sea Save Foundation



"Never have we been in a time when a book and its message has been so needed. The Adventures of Camellia N - The Rainforest is delightfully charming, funny, stealthily educational and deeply engaging.  Through this book children will fall in love with the jungle and her creatures, it will inspire a new wave of little environmentalists and ambassadors for the Rainforest. The Amazon is under grave threat but if we take action and change course now we can save it - Camellia N. shows us the way! 
- Zoë Tryon; Founder of One of the Tribe is an indigenous rights and environmental activist, and campaigner for keeping the oil in the ground in the Amazon

The Adventures of Camellia N. The Rainforest is the third book by Debbie Wideroe in a wonderful series for children about the importance of loving and caring for our earth’s ecosystems and wildlife. Even adults can enjoy the colorful pictures and important messages. I was pleased that I could use Camellia N.’s iconic picture with a globe in my Compendium Newsletter. These books help educate in an entertaining way so that more individuals will be good global citizens to save us from environmental destruction. Each locale chosen in the series has great animal characters with delightful images and lovely settings.  All ages can enjoy the magical stories to motivate each and every person to love our planet earth.
- Nancy Pearlman; Award-Winning Environmental Broadcaster and Consultant, Executive Director, Educational Communications and Cultural Anthropologist

"The Adventures of Camellia N. is a delightful children’s book which introduces the rainforest to kids in an easy to understand manner. The story is beautifully illustrated by Daniela Frongia in a style which makes the story comprehensible and relatable. The illustrations are enchanting. The Adventures of Camellia N. can be used by both parents and teachers to educate young minds about different environments and teach them about wildlife and natural resources on this planet in a really fun and entertaining way. A quote from Carl Sagan comes to mind when reading this eminently enjoyable children’s book: “Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.” Debra L. Wideroe has used her imagination to transport the young reader with Camellia N. on a journey of adventure that is delightful."
 -  Kris Rondon, Readers' Favorite

“Camellia N. is a wonderful teacher and guide, helping children understand the beauty and importance of the environment and how they can make a difference every day through small actions. Children’s Scholarship Fund is proud to partner with Camellia and author Debbie Wideroe to share this message with scholarship recipients and their families.”
- Darla M. Romfo; President of Children’s Scholarship Fund

"When you look at a forest you see an abundance of wildlife.  When you look at the ocean you just see the surface and rarely see below. We desperately need to get kids looking under the sea understanding our oceans.  I can think of no better way than Debbie Wideroe's The Adventures of Camellia N. series.  Here you really do get to dive into an adventure.  I suggest you all jump in!"  
 - Dr. Iain Kerr; CEO Ocean Alliance specializes in "conservation science," protecting whales and their environment through research and education.  Dr. Kerr leads international teams in research and conservation efforts to all parts of the globe  

“Shooting a film on the human face of our shifting climate took me to the far corners of the world. Hybrid educational platforms like The Adventures of Camellia N.are a perfect vehicle allowing the dance between entertainment and education. There is no greater time to spawn a paradigm shift than a youthful and free mind.”  
 - Michael P. Nash:  Award-Winning Filmmaker

"Well done Camellia N! Books for children are fun and also teach them about the wonders of nature are always so welcome. Caring about our shared planet can start before we learn to walk."
- Peter Boyd:  Former COO of Carbon War Room & Founder of Time4Good

The Adventures of Camellia N. inspires young readers to love and care for the Earth. Debbie Widerøe writes in a warm and lively style that will instantly captivate her readers. She has created a delightful gift to children.”
- Esther Lindop, Author and Educator

"From the high North of the Arctic, the destination of Camellia N.'s first dream adventure, to the deep, blue sea, where Camellia travels next, all that is wild needs protection; protection from humans by humans. How much better will we protect what we admire and love. Camellia N. will take our youngest generations on a voyage that should install the respect and inspiration needed to treasure the wild and the wild things in it!" 
 - Erwin Vermeulen, Chief Engineer of Sea Shepherd

"Debbie is passionate about teaching children about believing in oneself, making a difference everyday of our lives, and dreams and the importance they play in our lives." 
 - Children's Scholarship Fund

"The Adventures of Camellia N. is a delightful children’s book which introduces the rainforest to kids in an easy to understand manner...used by both parents and teachers to educate young minds about different environments and teach them about wildlife and natural resources on this planet in a really fun and entertaining way. Debra L. Wideroe has used her imagination to transport the young reader with Camellia N. on a journey of adventure that is delightful."
 - Kris Rondon, Reader's Favorite

"Filled with interesting facts and ideas, coupled with beautiful images, this book is a delight to read."
 - Tina C. Johnson, District Library Media Specialist, LVUSD

"Camellia N. is a role model inspiring this generation!"
 - Tammie Celi, LAUSD Teacher/Librarian

" A creative blend of fact and fiction, not often found in picture books."
 - Joann Fritzen, OPUSD Library/Media Technician

Imparting a sense of wonder about the earth’s beauty,  Camellia N. is an upbeat and curious picture book. Debra L. Wideroe’s cheerful and educational The Adventures of Camellia N.: The Rainforest melds fun facts with friendship.”
– Foreword Clarion Reviews

“This is a bright and lively educational series. Today, Camellia N. takes us under the amazing sea to learn of all its treasures and inspire us to respect the wonders of our world. Illustrations by Daniela Frongia are a perfect accent to the heart of the stories."
 - Midwest Book Review

"Dreamy images, exciting adventure, this award- winning author's new educational series promises to offer many hours of fun exploration for children age 5 and up." 
 Midwest Book Review

"You'll find creatures of all colors, shapes and sizes peering at you."
  - Reader's Favorite

"Reading this enchanted tale during story-time will be a bit more involved and exciting than with your usual picture book. There really is that much to discover on each page."
   - Reader's Favorite

"The story encourages readers to use their imagination, to dream, to create and to open their minds to learning more about the planet."
 - Reader's Favorite  

"What I also enjoyed about the book as much as the writing and the plot itself were the illustrations.  They are colorful, vivid, and bright and indeed made me want to go back to look at them again just to enjoy the details of the drawings and the various sea creatures."
- Reader's Favorite

"Wideroe's tale introduces the undersea environment, demystifies the dreaded shark, and explains the importance of the coral reef to earth's ecosystem, and it teaches without ever letting on that there is some real learning going on along with the excitement and adventure."
- Reader's Favorite