About Debbie

An avid reader, I wrote my first story when I was just six years old.  I wrote every day for months with my tools of the trade, a #2 pencil and crayons!  I still have this story today, although it is a bit dog-eared and tucked away in a box alongside my original Bugs Bunny pull-toy and Barbie.  Throughout my life I have always written…from poetry and journals, to articles and stories.

The idea for my environmentally-focused children’s series, The Adventures of Camellia N.,  came to life first in my dreams.  I believe authentic stories come from within. My father, an early pioneer in sustainability; recycled, reused and taught me to take care of and protect our wildlife.  This innate appreciation for our environment has been an inspiration for my series.

My protagonist, Camellia N., has been alive in my mind for quite some time.  She is the friend we wish we all had when we were young, and a curious and fearless trailblazer. The Adventures of Camellia N. are rich, educational stories filled with “messaging with meaning.”  Education begins at birth and teaching children to care for things comes naturally to them. Teaching them at a young age to take care of and protect our environment will change our world completely.

 I do believe Camellia is a catalyst for change and my hope is that she will help educate children to make a dent in our world.  I also hope that she will become a part of your life… as she has mine.



Camellia N. and her friends are brought to life by the  very talented, Daniela Frongia, illustrator and visual development artist. Inspired by the Disney classics and Manga, Dany was already showing a passion and talent for drawing by the early age of four. 
She has a degree from the Art School in Italy and a certificate in graphic design. Dany lives in London and Spain where she runs her own art studio.